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Vegan Discoveries Lesson 011-Premarche Alternative Diner

(Class bell rings) Good afternoon class it`s great seeing you guys again! Covid is still holding strong to the streets of Kyoto, but that doesn`t stop the search for yummy vegan treats in the heart of Kyoto. In this week`s discovery, I didn’t have to go too far from last week`s discovery of the best ice cream I have ever tasted! (And the healthiest too!) The company who owns the Gelataria also owns this restaurant. They actually have another store as well where they sell goods for you to support a lifestyle which benefits not only you, but the Earth. It is on the way to the restaurant so just stop by and say hello! Enough of me rambling, let`s get class started! Premarche the Alternative Diner is too hard to miss. It was just built in February of this year with a modern sleek aesthetic to surely catch the eye of its customers. Already experiencing the Gelataria, I was expecting nothing less of greatness from them, I knew my experience was going to be top notch.

You are first greeted with this at the door, how welcoming right? To get to the main area of the restaurant, you have to go upstairs. The interior of the restaurant was mixed and well put together with wood, brick, and metal finishes. Take a look at this place!

For those of you who like to have an alcoholic beverage with your meal, they have plenty of different organic wines and beers.

Have you guys ever seen this symbol before? It is called the “Flower of Life”. It is very widely known for being the pattern of the universe. If you are interested in learning more, just google sacred geometry.

Today was a lucky day for this table because I decided to enjoy this incredible meal right here. As I sat down and got myself together, it was now time to order. I know this is what you guys were waiting for, but it is a process. The wait will be well worth it, trust me.

The menus have both English and Japanese so no problem on that front. Another great thing is that there are vegan and non-vegan meals. So it doesn`t matter who you come with, everybody will be well taken care of at Premarche. There are tons of great things to try on the menu, and I still have to go back there to try more, but I went for what people liked the most.


A.Pizza B. Burger C. Rice bowl




For those of you who guessed right, you have been paying attention. For those who guessed wrong, you have to study harder! (Just kidding)

I ordered the Alternative burger set, of course with vegan ingredients as you may substitute ingredients to make it vegan and non-vegan. The burger I ordered was the Kitchen Barbarian. What got me to get this burger was the mixture of date syrup and soy sauce. Sweet and salty was sure to be a treat for my taste buds.

While you are waiting for your meal, they give you water in this cool glass.

I am sorry, I didn`t take the best picture, but supposedly this symbol at the bottom of the glass helps to purify the water. They actually sell these cups at their store. The water definitely tasted great, so I think I am a believer. As I was admiring the design of the cup, my food came out!





This is what you wanted right? ( I`m sorry I joke to much!)


Now I got your attention! Let`s take a closer look.

She looks as good as she tastes! Melted vegan cheese, the burger fried to a perfect crisp, tartar sauce oozing down the sandwich. Ugh, I want to have another one!

Everything honestly was excellent. The dressing on the salad was amazing, and it was the first time I had Kamut.(An ancient grain) I didn`t take a close up of the fries or the potato curry salad, but wow they all had their own unique taste coming together to satisfy my stomach`s needs of nutrition and great taste.

Just in case you forget about the kitchen barbarian. Man oh man, what sandwich. I could have honestly eaten two of those bad boys!

I felt like a barbarian as I devoured that burger set. Nothing was left at the crime scene; all evidence was gone in a matter of minutes.

To wash down that already tantalizing meal, I had to end things off with a bam and get a dessert.

I ended up getting this!

It was, until I smashed it, a carrot cake topped with coconut flakes, a walnut, and a dehydrated pineapple chip. The presentation was phenomenal, just as the taste, I honestly expected nothing less from this

restaurant. I reached max satisfaction after eating this dessert.

Again, barbarian style for the kill. This discovery is a wrap!

As soon as you are about to leave, they have these delicious vegan treats you can take home. If you know me well, you know I couldn`t waste this opportunity to try some new vegan treats, so I grabbed a few chocolate chip cookies for the road. Oh yeah, they were amazing by the way!


The great thing about Premarche is that they cater to all audiences. Talking with the manager and the staff at this establishment, they just want to create an environment of peace and love. The interior, the food, the mindset of the company all fall in line with this way of thinking. It is always great to get some great food with a message behind it. Premarche satisfies all of your needs no matter if you are vegan or non-vegan, we can all enjoy the good things in life together! I highly recommend you give Premarche a visit while you stay in Kyoto.

As it begins to get cooler and Fall approaches, best believe there will be amazing food to discover and beautiful sceneries to see as the leaves change colors. Make sure you don’t miss class next time, you are surely in for a treat!

(Class bell rings)

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Vegan Discoveries in Kyoto
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